Harvest Hub, a project of the North Coast Growers' Association, supports reliable, stable markets for local food producers, helping to make the North Coast region’s food system stronger and more resilient.  

All of our farmers are located in Humboldt County, so you know you're getting the freshest produce when you order from Harvest Hub!

We make it easier for you to access local produce : Harvest Hub offers this online store where you can find product availability from all participating farms, and when you order you receive 1 invoice, 1 delivery, and 1 point of contact.

By ordering from Harvest Hub, you are helping to create a more resilient local food system.  We can reduce the number of large delivery vehicles traveling into the County, grow more food on regenerative farms and sequester more carbon in our soil, and produce more nutrient dense food for our community to help reduce nutrition insecurity.


Visit our Product List page to see what is available. We're growing and so is our product list. Check the website weekly for new items.


PRODUCERS! Are you a local farmer looking for an opportunity to reach out to our community?  Reach out to Megan at NCGA to find out how to become a member and begin listing your products for sale.  Email

CUSTOMERS! Would you prefer to buy fresh food from local farmers? Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint? If you're ready, Register as a CustomerAnd join our Email List to stay informed about Harvest Hub happenings.